Marcus Adam, Painting Amsterdam, Cityscape, Amsterdam, stadsgezicht, schilderij, Dutch roo
Marcus Adam

Painter and photographer Marcus Adam became fascinated at a young age by the photos of Amsterdam that his grandfather showed him and the stories he told. His grandfather also took him to an exhibition by Anton Breitner, the great Amsterdam painter from the early 20th century, which inspired him to capture Amsterdam in images.


Adam spends several weeks in Amsterdam every year in his parterre in the Jordaan and then dedicates himself to sketching and photographing the city.

He is particularly fascinated by the hours before sunrise and sunset, but he calls the beauty of Amsterdam magical after the bars close, when the city itself goes to sleep and its soul awakens.


Adam prefers to paint on large canvases and in an impressionistic style because “Amsterdam knows no precision”. “Within the structures there is mainly freedom. You find this in manners, diversity of people, the different sexual orientations and even in the organized chaotic traffic”.

Adam tries to evoke curiosity, small ambiguities and question marks in his works, which remain unresolved forever, so that a work has a permanent fascination value.

Adam, A misty Day in Amsterdam, Painting Amsterdam, Painting Amsterdam - Stunning Cityscap