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Aram Derian
1972, Armenia/USA

The Armenian-American painter Aram Derian mainly works with abstract forms and expressions. Most comfortable he feels using the pallet knife as both a paint applicator and as scraping instrument, to build up the different layers. By choosing more or less transparency in the different layers, colour and form come more prominent forward.  “Depending on how I feel at a particular moment, I give layers more or less presence. People in my personal environment drew my attention to the fact that works I created in Yerevan are richer in contrast and rougher in expression than the works produced in the States, which does not surprise me, as I feel stronger sentiments being in Armenia”.
Painting Amsterdam, Derian, Hidden Realism Scraping, abstract, modern art, avant garde, WE

Hidden Realism 5

Derian, Blue Realism Scraping, contemporary avant garde, abstract, painting Amsterdam, art

Blue Realism 2

Painting Amsterdam, White Underlined - abstract art, modern art, WEB.jpg

White Underlined

Painting Amsterdam - Derain A - The Blue Wild, abstract art, modern art, WEB.jpg

Blue Wild

Painting Amsterdam - Derian A - Interaction in Red White Grey - modern art, art gallery, a

Interaction in Red, White, Grey

Derian A - White Underlined - Painting Amsterdam - abstrac art - modern art - showroom, Pa